Why Should Seos Use Alexa Ranking Checking Tool Instead Of Page Rank?

How do you do SEO? You build links and do on-page optimization; you search keywords and incorporate those phrases on meta tags and title tags. You do many things believing that your efforts will bear fruit. Here I will stress on “will bear fruit”. You need to be 100% sure that your labor bears fruits.

You rely on Page Rank to determine results. For instance, if your site gets high Page Rank, you will believe that the traffic will be high. But it isn’t necessary that high Page Rank brings high traffic on the site. There are many instances to show that sites with 7 and even 8 Page Ranks don’t get high traffic. What should you do in this situation? It is alexa ranking checking tool that can provide real help. Alexa Rank includes both Page Rank and traffic. Advantage of this tool is that it shows traffic situation in addition to site ranking.

So, how should you start SEO

First of all, download the free Alexa tool on your desktop and check ranking and traffic of your site while doing the SEO. The tool will show you current position and in this way help you determine results of your labor. You can see how you are doing and whether you need making any changes in the process. If you find that the site isn’t getting expected traffic, you can make changes in the SEO process.

SEO is the process of building website traffic as it is traffic that matters most. If your SEO efforts could bring traffic to sites, you can get clients for your digital marketing services. Clients will rely on your website ranking and traffic. With alexa ranking checking tool, you can keep a close eye on the traffic and ranking. And when you can see the traffic, you can determine whether you are doing things in the right manner or not.

Why not use Page Rank?

It isn’t that you should forget about Page Rank of your site as it is also an important thing that can contribute to your SEO efforts. But you shouldn’t be so interested in Page Rank as high rank doesn’t guarantee traffic. High rank shows visibility but for traffic, you need relying on other ways like social presence of the site and popularity of links. But with Alexa, you can make a difference to your site. It is like keeping the data in front of your eyes.

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