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“Stolen” from this place.

I honestly think that, as far as I worked with AWS, there is no other thing that is more annoying and kafkaesque than having to comply with the best practices of catching bounces or complaints, and set up a nice environment to catch them, while using AWS’s Simple Email Service.

Not only you cannot get out of the Sandbox if you do not comply with the best practices to avoid spamming and bad reputation when sending mails, but it takes a bit until the support team makes sure you got a nice catching way for bounces or complaints so that they can grant you the right of sending emails to anyone. …

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When it comes to speeding up your application, caching can be the best thing to achieve. Laravel comes up with cache drivers pre-installed so you can enjoy the experience out-of-the-box. Redis, Memcached or just using local files, Laravel comes packed with this.

This time, we will talk about caching Eloquent queries directly from the models, thus making the database caching a breeze!

The package can be found on GitHub, where the documentation will approach all of the main points of the app. …

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AWS Elastic Beanstalk Logo

For sure, building and maintaining apps with Laravel is a breeze — you got everything you need: migrations for database versioning, MVC pattern, authentication and even background tasks you can run on separate PHP threads.

When it comes to deploying apps, it’s a bit of a problem. This problem is different than day-to-day development. It no longer includes writing code, you’ll have to deal with hardware that will run your software. Depending on which app you’re building, you’ll have to make a decision.

When things turn bigger than just hundreds of thousands of requests each day, you’ll have to deploy your app on a global scale. This no longer involves one particular setup into a certain country or zone, but rather having the same particular setup across multiple zones. …


Alex Renoki

23 yo minimalist maker & laravel dev. founder of @safemenudotorg

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