Meninism is so HOT Right Now
Gigi Engle

“ We live in a cis-gender man’s world and all laws are catered to HIM. Sorry, it’s the truth.”

If that’s true, then why are only men drafted? Why do only men have to sign up for selective service? Why is it not prosecuted when a woman rapes a man? Why do government-funded rape research studies not classify it as “rape” when a man is forced to have sex by a woman? Why is it legal to ritually cut off a bit of his genitals at birth? Why do domestic violence laws tell police to profile men as the abuser? Why are there no federally-funded men’s domestic violence shelters? Why is ‘Battered Wife Syndrome’ a legal defense to premeditated homicide, but the reverse would never happen? Why is a woman allowed to legally abandon her parental rights in several different ways, but men are not?

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