Hayward is a borderline top 20 player (but more likely a 20–30 player in the league).
Charles Tyler

You really can’t make the “losing their depth” argument in reference to signing a free agent like Hayward, when they’d have lost much more depth in trading multiple players and picks for JB or PG. It seems most people that had argue for “going all in” on those free agents, conveniently overlook what the actual cost was.

We know the Celtics offered plenty of value for both those guys and that it was likely powers beyond their control(i.e. trading out of the conference…1 year rental on PG…etc) that lost them those players.

So why are we still doubting Ainge? Nobody is perfect, and drafting and trading players is always a gamble, but he’s done a damn good job of resuscitating this franchise TWICE. They have reloaded instead of rebuilding and without any shameful “trust the process” bullshit either…

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