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Should Marijuana be a medical option

Over the last forty or so years we have tried to find treatments for diseases, illnesses, and even the common pain through painkillers that are toxic and can have long term effects on our bodies. Recent studies have shown improvement in finding potential treatments for these issues and one of them being medical marijuana. Right now, no matter the use, marijuana is illegal in twenty-two states and trying to push for it to be used for medical treatments brings in a pretty controversial dilemma. There is very reliable information on this debate on wither we should move towards this or if we should stray away from it due to the down sides of the use of medical marijuana. I strongly believe that the move towards medical marijuana is very logical when there is clear evidence of it helping to treat some symptoms. I am not saying medical marijuana will cure any of the problems but it will surely help and I think that we should really push for it. If we as humans want the best for each other and want to find cures and ways to treat patients without causing problems on the body, medical marijuana could be our best bet as of right now.

I strongly think that medical marijuana will be our best bet in finding treatments to symptoms of cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, and other conditions. The huge one in this case is cancer and according to a recent study compounds derived from marijuana can kill or freeze the cancerous cells from spreading. That is just a giant leap in the industry of finding treatments for patients with leukemia. The use of medical marijuana found in this study use non-psychoactive cannabinoids (which are compounds derived from marijuana that don’t get the user higher like THC compounds does) that resulted in dramatic reduction in the cell viability and caused arrest at all phases of the cell cycle. If that doesn’t show promise then I don’t know what does, and to me this route is much safer and less toxic on the body than painkillers that can do damage to the body. “Doctors and nurses have seen that for patients, cannabis is more useful, less toxic, and less expensive than conventional medicines” says Lester Grinspoon, MD, Professor at Harvard Medical School. Money is an import piece in medical treatments these days, sometimes and in most cases insurance will not cover the expense of the medicine that one might need to take so having this very affordable potential treatment could be revolutionary. Medical marijuana could also ameliorate patient’s debilitating fatigue, restore appetite, diminish pain, remedy nausea, cure vomiting and curtail down-to-the-bone weight loss. There is so much more to the list of what positive effects medical marijuana could have but the main concern is getting to the point where we can pursue this. I think that as of the twenty first century medical marijuana can potentially be the most reliable, affordable, less toxic and harmful on the body, and overall the best option in years to come.

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