All it took was the pause
100 mile per hour headwinds hurtling straight at me
200 degree heated stress levels eating away at me
300 thoughts zinging around my head, enveloping me
400 pound obligations, albatrossing weighty around me
500 sharp realities, hitting my sides, nastily effecting me
It was not easy to stop.
It’s never easy to stop.
Missed connections, deadlines looming,
Job insecurity blooming, commitments straining,
Relationships paining, vital aspects forgot,
Last minute remembered, shock,
All it took was a moment,
All it took was a pause,
It was not easy to stop.
It’s never easy to stop.
It’s hard to see the brakes,
The brakes to aid the stop.
I took a pause, I took a break,
I went away with family,
Cornwall, a pleasant place,
For my mind to get away,
It’s not easy to stop.
The mind it whirls,
Takes me off on random circles
When I’m drifting off to bed,
Thoughts of work move round my head,
All I want is to be free,
From this wretched peasantry.
I paused.
Took a breath.
Reminded myself of all I left,
In my mind when I was stressing,
All the good things that give joy,
All the jokes, all the thoughts,
All the lines I’d written, all the memories,
As I sat in a Cornish cottage,
Listening, as my uncles argued,
Smiling, as my aunts placated,
Drinking, as my family challenged,
Thinking, as they give me hope.
All it took was a pause,
And we all resume,
Busy lives,
Travelling lives,
Transported lives,
But remember and reflect,
On all the good things in the pause.

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