My Commute: Bicycle

When driving a car doesn’t make sense

In the first post about My Commute, I spoke about the car. That modern day marvel that the vast majority of the developed and developing world uses every day to shuttle back and forth work.

I saw a quote on twitter recently which went something like this:

Cars run on money and make you fat, Bicycles run on fat and save you money.

Like I said in my post about car commuting, I only live around 5 miles away from my office. This makes cycling a very attractive option for me, especially in the summer and considering that a bad traffic jam can cause a car journey to take up to 40 minutes.

Not only that, but most of the journey between my house and the office can be traversed via the Taff trail, a public pathway which follows the river Taff most of the way from its source in the South Wales valleys, all the way to Cardiff Bay. I’ve done this journey a few times this spring and when the weather is nice it really makes the workday a lot less stressful listening to the birds tweeting and the river flow alongside.

Saying that, I realise I have it quite easy when it comes to the cycle commute. Most people will not have the luxury of being able to cycle alongside a river the whole way to work, and will likely be jammed in between congested traffic ingesting all sort of diesel and petrol fumes coughed out from exhaust pipes. Their journeys may also be a lot longer and further than mine, which (if I’m feeling fit enough) can take as little as 20 minutes.

Not only that, but I’m glad the bicycle is not my only option. I can’t see myself getting the wet weather gear on and cycling through the Welsh winter to get to work. In that respect, having a car is very useful.

(“Man up”, I know right?)

So when all conditions are right, I’m feeling fit enough and I’ve gotten up early enough, I really enjoy cycling to work. The fair weather cyclist.



  • Exercise
  • Good for environment
  • Cheap
  • Can be quick
  • Can be relaxing/stress relieving
  • Fun in good weather


  • Uncomfortable (in comparison with a car)
  • Can be slow
  • Not sheltered from weather
  • Road cycling sucks


It can be a bit of a drag, but the benefits you get from it far outweigh the downsides, especially in comparison with car commuting. Cars suck. Highly recommend.

Next Up: Long boarding

Yes, you read that right. I’ve got my hands on a long board and I’m going to commute to work on it whilst simultaneously trying to teach myself how to long board… I’m imagining myself looking cool as fuck, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be more like watching Bambi on ice, so… yeah.

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