September 2016 Report

Nothing exciting, other than the fact that I finally have a family doctor. Took me ~10 years? Well I’m happy to report that I’m healthy, other than the gruelling athletes foot that’s been following me for months.


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Montreal, QC
Brooklyn, NY
Vancouver, BC


Well I’ll be honest. Have I made progress? Yes. Is it substantial? No. Well yes. Let me explain. I’ve successfully got into a habit of being in bed by 10pm which gives me ~1 hour before I go to sleep at 11pm, but only 50% of the time. My projection for October is to have it in the range or 75–100%. I’m considering making a post on habits and patterns and their pros/cons.


Running: 0 runs. Foot not healed… (-0 from last month)

Gym: 2 sessions, 2 hours total (-6 sessions, -7.75 hours from last month)

Hockey: 2 games (-0 from last month)

Walking + Running: 173KMs (-82.7KMs from last month)

H20: 60L (-17.5L from last month)

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