Hello! I love the way you are spellling out how trust can happen.
Josephine Karen Pevaroff Spilka

Hello, Josephine! Thank you for your comment.

I agree 100% with that philosophy. In the past, I had problems with people who were close to me, where I would give advice when I wasn’t really asked to.

Now that I am a bit older and mature, I am keeping my opinion to myself up until the point where I have to speak out.

It’s usually in those situations where people close to me can’t see the truth. They are facing same problems over and over again, and they feel that there is no way out.

The examples I gave in the article came from personal experience and conversations I had with people who I consider to be my friends.

This is a highly subjective point because every single person out there is unique in their own way.
However, when you feel deep inside that you have to speak out is a moment to do so.

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