Product design doesn’t have to make dependency the priority

Photo by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

It’s the summer of 2018, the summer of Fortnite, and we all know we are addicted. Addicted to email, Snapchat, Instagram, Fortnite, Facebook. We swap outdoor time on the trail for indoor time around the console. Our kids log into Snapchat every day on vacation to keep their streaks alive and then get lost in the stream.

We move less and watch more. In particular, the rise of the smartphone tipped the balance. It is now our omnipresent companion, to the point that in research studies, subjects prefer electric shocks to being left, deviceless, to their own devices. Needless notifications…

Alex Salkever and Vivek Wadhwa

Alex and Vivek have written three books together and regularly write about controversial topics in technology and society. Follow them @alexsalkever and @wadhwa

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