How to Build a Vacation Rental Website Like Airbnb? ( Home, Property, Villa, Cottage & House )

Airbnb Clone script— Build a vacation, home, property rental website like airbnb

In the 90s traveling from Chicago to New York would have been quite a frustrating experience. Right from hailing a taxi to booking accommodation, nothing was easy. With the advent of the mobile-commerce economy things turned Topsy-turvy for travelers. Travel plans can be plotted from couches with a hand held smart phone. At the helm of this jet-set-go travel revolution is Airbnb — the globally acclaimed accommodation booking website.

Diagram Describing the Work-flow of Airbnb

In simple terms, Airbnb is an online accommodation booking website. It does not own any properties of its own. It acts as an intermediary between travellers who want affordable and reliable accommodation and verified property owners who have spare space to let out for some extra cash. Airbnb earns by collecting transaction fee from travellers for each successful booking and listing fees from property owners.

Airbnb work flow-create a vacatioin, property, home, rental website like airbnb

Coming to the Point, How to Build a Vacation Rental Website like Airbnb?

There are two ways to build a vacation rental business in the online format.

The first way is to approach an online vacation rental website builder who can get the work started off from scratch and conclude it with a fully functional online vacation rental business.

Another option will be to invest in a vacation rental website template that is ready to launch and use. Why a vacation rental website design? It is simple, easy and does not require one to invest any more time developing the intricacies of the website. Also, it makes it easy for the website owners to earn revenue from multiple streams including:

Revenue — Build a holiday, cottage, property rental website like airbnb

Is it Required to Create a Separate Vacation Rental Website Design?

With a vacation rental booking script there is no need to spare time for website designing or development. The house/home rental booking script is embedded with a mobile and web responsive theme that is ready to go for business. This means no more time or effort spent fine tuning the design and visual aspects. However, if required you can tweak the software according to your specific requirements to make it completely adaptable to your business model.

What is the Approximate Cost to Build a Vacation Rental Website Like Airbnb?

The cost to develop a vacation rental website like Airbnb using custom web development services will range from $10000 onwards. But there’s a catch to it. Customizations can further add up to the cost. However, if you do not have any extensive requirements, a simple vacation home rental software decked with essential features is more than sufficient. The cost of which will stretch anywhere from $599.

How to Select the Best Vacation Rental Software or Airbnb Clone Script?

The best vacation rental script must have the following essential traits.
  • It should be bug-free
  • Must have extensive control features for admins, hosts and guests
  • Must have international payment gateway integrations
  • Should be responsive to mobile screens

Buy Apptha Airhotels Script - Dual Concepts in A Single Software

Airhotels Theme-Build a website like airbnb

Airhotels from Apptha is a Magento software to build a website like airbnb with all-encompassing features for admins, guests and hosts. The Magento vacation rental script has remained a favorite with travel booking businesses and techpreneurs ever since its first day of release. Built with cloud readiness and robust Magento architecture it is the best option one has today to build a vacation rental planning business.

New Features Introduced Forming Part of the 2.7 Release-2017
Airbnb Clone script Template — Create a airbnb like vacation rental & booking website

1.Home page video banner -An exclusive home page video banner that can depict real life images and video coverage of all corners of the property. The best possible way to entice potential guests easily.

2. Featured listings-Give guests the ultimate choice of best properties that visitors think to be the best to stay in.

3. Reviews about you-Hosts can listen to guest feedback through the ‘Reviews About You’ section.

4. Referral programs-Guests who help grow the revenues through referrals can be rewarded with loyalty points for redemption.

…………………………………………………………And 100+ More Features

Get Free Sales Boosting Add-ons

Apptha Airhotels free add-ons — Make an airbnb like booking & rental website

Apptha vacation rental script is available on Magento 2 and accompanied by free sales boosting add-ons that further ramp up its utility as a vacation rental website template.

Build an airbnb like vacation, services rental & booking website

If you are going to develop your own travel, holiday, services rental & booking website like Airbnb, then get a clear idea here: Let See the Video!

Video guide build a vacation rental website like airbnb with Magento 2