Top 10 Augmented Reality App Development Companies | Best App Developer 2017

Top 10 Augmented Reality App Development Companies

The Top 10 Leading Augmented Reality App Development Companies in 2017 | Best Mobile App Developers (iPhone, iOS & Android)

Augmented Reality is as big an idea like the smartphone. ~ Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

Augmented Reality, a perspective altering technology that is growing on a daily basis has all the ammo needed to become like the smartphone. In fact, Tim Cook in his recent press interview to the Independent newspaper even cited that AR tech can “help people out in daily life”.

However, the dev pool for AR is yet to grow big in size. There are a handful of companies that can build an augmented reality app. Here are the top 10 augmented reality companies that can handle the complex task of bringing an Augmented Reality app to reality.

Best 10 Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone & Android
  1. Contus- A Leading AR Development & Service Company
Contus-Top Ar & Virtual reality app development

Headquarters: India & USA

Contus is an Indian player in the augmented reality space which has conceptualized customer retention programs for leading restaurant and pub chains in the USA. Contus is one of the foremost players in the AR space with more than 5 years of experience.

Apart from dedicated full blow AR-only apps, Contus has taken the technology into shopping apps and prototype apps of advertising agencies which speaks of its expertise in the segment.

Contus has so far used SDKs like Metaio, Vuforia, Craft for embedding its 3D models, images and graphics into real world objects. Having a developers community consisting of 250 and more, Contus has catered for entertainment, food, health and automobile industries with its AR expertise.

Expertise: Augmented & Virtual reality app develop, IOT development, ecommerce website development, Video on demand solution, Chat bots development, chat app development, on demand delivery app solutions.

2.Inde-Best AR Development Company

Best Ar development company

Headquarters: (UK, Los Angeles & Hong Kong)

INDE develops award-winning Augmented Reality experiences for Entertainment, Education and Marketing. We provide professional AR solutions ranging from mobile to large-screen AR experiences with exceptionally high quality 3D, to create next-generation platforms that change the way people interact with content.

Since 2011 we have launched Augmented Reality systems on every continent for clients such as AMEX, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic, Coca-Cola, WWF, Smithsonian, Universal Studios and BBC Worldwide amongst others.

Expertise: Augmented reality app development

3. Apphitect — Build Powerful Augmented Reality Applications

Apphitect -No 1 Augmented reality app developer

Headquarters: Dubai & India

Based out of Dubai, Apphitect is one of the early birds that took flight into the Augmented Reality field when the industry was still young at it. The company has hands on experience of developing AR apps for hospitality, retail and eCommerce functions. Apphitect’s feather on the cap is the AR powered app for Lansdowne pub, an Irish pub whose sales volumes trebled with a AR grounded loyalty program.

Expertise: Augmented reality app development, Virtual reality app development, Mobile app development, WhatsApp clone development, Marketplace script, Vacation rental script

4 . Kagiso interactive - Best Augmented Reality Technology Company

Kagiso - Top best augmented reality company

Headquarters: USA, South Africa & India

Kagiso Interactive is a augmented reality app builder with in-depth understanding of what the technology can do for marketers, education, record keeping and many other industrial functions.

Expertise: AR & Virtual reality development, Chat bots app develop, mobile app develop, Artificial intelligence

5 . Scope AR - Make an Augmented Reality App in Mins

Scope - Build your own AR / VR app

Headquarters: Canada & USA

Scope AR, launched 2011 is a leading AR development company. The company helps companies using augmented reality technology to develop apps that empower employees, technicians and engineers to amplify their performance.

Expertise: Virtual reality app development company, iPhone & Android app development

6. Aurasma- Develop an Augmented Reality Android App

Aurasma - Create your own augmented reality games app

Headquarters: USA

While most of the companies are sweating to make an augmented reality app, Aurasma gives enterprises or literally anybody to develop AR mobile apps that can turn everyday things into data points.

Expertise: Augmented reality app development, Virtual reality app development company, Mobile app development

7. 1000 Realities- Top Performance Augmented Reality Company

1000realities - Build a augmented reality app for android & iphone

Headquarters: USA & Poland

1000 Realities is a dedicated studio that develops VR and AR mobile apps that create mind-blowing realities for users. The company is capable of building great apps that immerse users into altered perspectives of entertainment, education and enlightenment.

8. Metavision - Best Augmented Reality App Creator

Metavision - Top augmented reality App companies

Headquarters: (UK & India)

Metavision, as the name suggests, is a specialist in developing Augmented Reality experiences that can be experienced through glasses. The company has so far provided AR experiences including images, visuals, 3D models for an impressive range of industries and audiences. 1000+ developers and companies are using Meta for Augmented ReExpertise:ality app building.

Expertise: Virtual reality development company, Augmented reality app development

9. Vdartdigital — Augmented Reality Develop Solutions Provider

Vdartdigital-Best augmented reality app company in usa

Headquarters: Canada, Uk, Usa & India

VDartDigital, a digital transformation company with 9 years of seasoning in rendering IT deliverables for brands like Accenture, AMD, Reddy’s Lab, The World Bank and enterprise grade organizations and rapidly growing startups and SMBEs, has its client base in over 4 countries and operates from Alpharetta, Georgia, USA.

With expertise in mobile, IoT, wearables, augmented reality, VDartDigital has provided IT solutions for inter-organizational purposes and end user apps that help brands improve sales and augment customers.

A team of 250+ technical brains composed of mobile app developers, connectivity technology expertise, backend developers, cloud experts, business analysts and software development strategists, VDartDigital deploys approaches like DevOps turnkey solutions to keep up with accuracy and lesser time-to-market promise.

Expertise: Augmented & Virtual reality development, mobile commerce develop, Video on demand solutions, Chat app development

10. Gravity Jack - Top Augmented Reality Apps for iphone & Android

Gravity - Best augmented reality app company

Headquarters: (USA & India)

One of the most awarded augmented reality app builder which has been in the scene of AR and Virtual Reality since 2009. The company has a readymade solution Poindextar which allows people to make an augmented reality app for objects of any size, color or texture. This helps businesses to inform, make people interact and simplify process in manufacturing industries.

Expertise: Ar development & Custome app development

11. Clavax — Build an Augmented Reality App in Few Days

Best VR & Ar App development company

Headquarters: USA & Australia

Clavax is an agility grounded augmented reality app development company that has developed apps for variety of industry needs. The company is capable of developing an augmented reality app for automated tracking, product visualization, optimized street views and much more. Clavax deploys Vuforia, Layar and Wikitude for developing augmented reality apps.

Expertise: Augmented reality app, eCommerce app development, iPhone & Android app develop, Real estate development

12. Vakoms - A Popular Augmented Reality App Developer

Vakoms-Top augmented reality app builder

Headquarters: (UK & Ukraine)

Vakoms’ augmented reality android app development includes 3D modeling, 3D visualization, 360 degree panoramic imaging and much more. The company is also into virtual reality app development and hence provides mixed reality app development services as well. Vakoms is also specializes in computer simulation.

Expertise: Ar & Vr app development company, UI & UX design development, IOT development & Mobile app development

13. iMOBDEV - Best Augmented Reality App Builder

Imobedv - Best augmented reality application developer

Headquarters: (India, USA & UAE)

iMOBDEV create augmented reality apps Android and iOS platforms. Its array of AR solutions include Custom and business AR app development, advanced programming and code writing, UI/UX design for user interaction, 2D and 3D game development, cross platform app development.

Expertise: Ar & Vr app reality development, Mobile app development, UI & UX designer, Video production company, CMS & eCommerce website development

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