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Everyone who works on the web should have a basic understanding of how HTML works and what it’s used for.

Online business owners certainly don’t need to become full-fledged web developers in order to build an effective website — or run a successful business.

But those whose entire careers are built online will inevitably find themselves in a position where having some knowledge about how their websites actually work might come in handy.

Whether you’re just making some basic adjustments to your website or integrating some third-party marketing tool, a basic understanding of HTML could save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in web development fees.

In this short guide, which presumes absolutely no prior knowledge of the language, I’ll provide you with a basic overview of HTML — what it is, and how it works. I’ll also give you some resources for taking your learning even further, if you so choose. …


Alex Sanchez-Olvera

The best-looking web developer this side of the Rio Grande. Enjoys long walks on the beach and excessive box shadows.

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