Each week I try to write down 10 observations. It’s an exercise I started during the writing of a failed novel and continued after I gave up. They can be about anything, but the point — the exercise — is to create a log of crisp micromoments that would make a potential future reader perk up and go Oh! I’ve seen that!
Stop Being a Freak and Just Look at Your Phone
Conor Dougherty

Love the idea of capturing “micromements.” I occasionally write down premise ideas for books/TV shows/movies, but they don’t always capture the day-to-day minutiae that make great characters so relatable.

A different creative exercise you might enjoy is observing people in mundane circumstances, and then quickly trying to fill in the backstory or finish the ending to give the scene complete context. You probably already do this (lots of writers do it in some form or another), but if not here are a few examples of what I mean (hastily-written in the moment):

Jenn and Paulie: http://fetchnotes.com/share?id=8bffc6af327133e6db2a7c93cecb67fb1b1dc235

Red Line Blues: http://fetchnotes.com/share?id=566f763d5a25ed3ef8d6b1fb1c69ef7723bef422

If you ever notice a guy looking slightly out of place in a Mission dive bar (flip flops and shorts) drinking by himself, it’s probably me, and I’m probably writing one of these about you.