11 reasonable questions for the Republican Party

The GOP is convinced that consumer responsibility, deregulation and a free market are the magic combination to financial success and the solution to all of our problems. Which, while it has not necessarily worked in the past, is theoretically sound.

They also firmly believe in personal responsibility and gainful employment as a viable alternative to welfare programs and government handouts. Which is not an unfair position.

I could happily live under a government that abides by and commits to those principles universally, even if I fundamentally disagree with some of the methodology.

So what the hell happened here? Where did all that go? Why is it that the second the GOP gained power, it's suddenly a corporate feeding frenzy of tax breaks and handouts?

I have some questions. If you have answers, please share.

  1. Why are laws being drafted that give huge tax breaks and entitlements to massive corporations, without direct public benefit?
  2. Why are Republicans publicly stating that people having affordable insurance is not really the point of the Obamacare repeal?
  3. Why is the House moving forward with bills that award tax breaks and deregulate, without assessing costs or impact to consumers?
  4. Why was a rule passed that prevents the government accounting office from calculating the cost of repealing obamacare?
  5. Why are you considering defunding defense organizations, in order to build a wall for defense?
  6. Why are dissenters being vilified and debates being avoided through bureaucratic maneuvering?
  7. Why are you removing "science" from the websites of science-based departments?
  8. Why are there no checks and balances in place to ensure the President is not gaining financially from regulatory and trade changes?
  9. Why do we only have a President 4 days a week, and why are we spending 9 figures a month securing 3 different First Family locations, while "saving" money by taking services away from the poor and elderly?
  10. Why are changes being made to programs that benefit the elderly and the poor in order to recover pennies, while billions of dollars in reductions and benefits are being awarded to multi-billion dollar corporations?

The new normal is not normal. I am a consumer of government. I am a responsible person. I do not have the option of withholding my dollars in order to make a point, or spending my tax dollars with another government that will spend them appropriately on our roads and schools and innovation and a reasonable standard of living for all citizens.

You really do have an opportunity to make America great, and to do so in the method and model you create. You’ve earned at least that much.

I just simply do not understand why initiatives cannot be presented and debated out in the open, in plain view of us, the consumers of government. And why integrity is an acceptable casualty of partisan politics.

Whatever this is, it’s not democracy. And whatever you have become, you are no longer the political party of small government and personal responsibility.

You have become a party of deception, and entitlement, and manipulation. The hypocrisy is so prevalent that actual news reads like satire.

Do your jobs and put the interest of people first, or resign your positions and allow America to choose your replacement.

You may be winning battles but you are losing the war. You are playing a dangerous mathematical game by wooing corporate sponsors and donors in order to raise funds to continue to manipulate people into the belief that you hold the key to their bright futures.

You are all lying to us, and possibly to yourselves, every day, and with every stroke of your pen.

If you want to retain control of the Senate and of government, you can easily do so... by honestly communicating and listening to what the average citizen wants and needs, and prioritizing those wants and needs before those of corporations, the wealthy, and yourselves.

That is Public Service. That is your job. That is why you were elected... to make the hard decisions that will ultimately benefit the most people.

Just in case you have forgotten, that is why you get a paycheck, and better insurance than 99% of your constituents could ever afford.

Your arrogance and failure to lead is not a function of an irresponsible electorate. If you continue to stack the deck against the average American in favor of corporations and private interests, you will have nobody to blame for your failures except yourselves.