22 Reasons Donald Trump Should Be Happy

About The Special Counsel Investigation

With a wide investigative berth, the Special Counsel can potentially:

1. Prevent additional leaks
2. Allow Congress to get back to work
3. Ease the burden on WH communications
4. Clear him for the Yates firing
5. Clear him for the Comey firing
6. Confirm his "wiretapping" claim
7. Clear him for the "tapes" threat
8. Confirm the "3 million fake votes" claim
9. Clear him for taking 18 days to fire Flynn
10. Clear him for hiring Flynn in the first place
11. Clear him for lying about Flynn
12. Clear Pence for lying about Flynn
13. Clear Sessions for firing Comey
14. Subpoena taxes, clear up "audit" problem
15. Subpoena taxes, prove no Russian finances
16. Subpoena taxes, prove no conflicts
17. Help drain swamp by identifying crime
18. Prove which news is fake 
19. Clear his name
20. Settle Russian concerns
21. Unify country with independent findings

An innocent person would be happy, almost relieved, to have the burden taken off their shoulders... and to have the narrative taken out of the hands of the media and the haters and the entrenched elite dark holdover government or whoever the oppressor is this week.

But not Trump. Trump not happy. Trump mad.

Why Trump not happy?