Stop acting like Republicans. Start acting like Americans.

You know how when you're at a restaurant having a private conversation and the waiter walks up, there's that awkward moment when you abruptly stop talking or change the subject?

It's because some things are private, and you don't need to be broadcasting your business to everyone at The Cheesecake Factory.

And if you had something really sensitive to discuss, you'd probably consider saving that conversation for later, in a more private and secure setting, yes?

And what if you happened to be having lunch with the Prime Minister of Japan, while members and staff are walking around and eating beside you, and you received a call, on your cell phone, notifying you that North Korea fired a test missile?

Might you excuse yourself from the table to take that call? Possibly find a secure line, or a private room to discuss that development?

Not our President. He decided the most prudent way to handle the situation was to hold a strategy session on these developments, with the Prime Minister of Japan, at his table at a golf club he owns...

Out in the open. Next to other guests, and waiters, and a band, and anyone with a $25 parabolic mic, or a hearing aid with adjustable volume who happens to be nearby.

Remember that random lady who managed to attend his lunch without getting caught just days after his inauguration, by simply telling his staff she is the "wife of a senator?"

I wonder who was there this time.

This man is an idiot. He has no idea what he is doing, and lacks the basic intelligence or humility to care.

If you wanted Hillary locked up for using a private server, and you don't care that Trump has also been using private servers, and is discussing national security in public like it's last night's ballgame, you're either a hypocrite, an imbecile, or both.

We are not safe. It's time for Republicans to step up and start being vocal about these issues.

You'll still have Pence, you'll still have Congress, you'll still have Gorsuch on the bench.

Hillary will not be President.

It's time to stop acting like Republicans and start acting like Americans.