Global self-isolation imposed by the Corona crisis offers a unique opportunity to re-examine how to better use (and not use) our devices and the internet to combat loneliness, improve our mental health and cultivate more meaningful human connection.

As someone who deeply values interpersonal relationships, communication skills and purposeful use of my time, I have mixed feelings about technology. I have written about how our interactions with our devices and social media can isolate us, increase loneliness and downgrade our increasingly valuable human (soft) skills here.

Following are some thoughts and tips on how to more purposefully engage with our devices in the days, weeks, and potentially months we spend self-isolating to try to slow the spread of this virus.

Zoom, video conference and FaceTime win the day

Did you know that humans are capable of more than…

Work and human connection — primary sources for fulfillment and meaning — are being radically disrupted. Why?

My work and research with technologists, top executives and academics has uncovered two powerful trends:

1. Forthcoming job losses driven by advances in Artificial Intelligence, automation and robotics

Alex Schwartz

Entrepreneur focused on the nexus of AI, the Future of Work and Human Connection

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