“It’s never crowded along the extra mile.”- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Welcome Everyone!

My name is Alex, and I am a Automotive Sales Professional and I want to be your “Trusted Car Guy” more importantly I am dedicated to empowering and equipping you to have the best car buying experience ever!

I understand wholeheartedly that shopping for a car is a stressful process. It’s because of this that I constantly push my self to create an out of this world and above and beyond experience for my clients. From the initial greeting all the way down to completing the transaction, my goal is that my clients feel empowered and comfortable and leave satisfied. For me, the mission is more than just selling cars. It’s about changing the paradigm of what a “Car Salesmen” is and shatter the negativity.


Let me first say this. I apologize to anyone that has ever had a bad experience with a Sales Consultant or a Dealership. I also take full responsibility because even though it may not have been me that gave you the bad experience. The simple fact that you had it makes us all look bad, and there are so many good men and women that are in this industry. Please understand that you have so much value, and that as a client you are what makes a Dealership stay alive.

What It Means to Me

So you might be asking is “What doe all that mean?” and I will be happy to answer that! What going above and beyond means to me is delivering cars to my clients, picking their cars up to bring it in for service and dropping it back off to them. Teaching and educating them about things to look for when buying or trading in a car. I treat them like family. In a nutshell when a client walks away you can be certain that I gave them 120% and then more.

“You gotta embody excellence! 
You gotta; 
Listen to me.
It only takes one extra push up! 
It only takes one extra mile! 
It only takes one extra grade! 
It only takes one extra effort!
It only takes one extra something! 
To get you to where you trying to get to”- Dr. Eric Thomas


I am so blessed to be able to do what I do. Even more humbling is that people trust me to help them find the right car and do business with me. I am in this business for the long haul.

Let me share with you a testimonial and pictures of my happy clients. What an honor.

Video Testimonial

Empowering people to have the best car buying experience ever!👍🏾

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