How We Scaled Nocode To An Infinite Number Of NoServers

Chances are good you’ve heard of the fastest growing new application framework, nocode. Within hours of its release, it accumulated 3,700 stars on GitHub and secured the world records for “Quickest Publication Of An O’Reilly Book,” and “Fastest Framework To Have A Dedicated Meetup.” It’s a total mystery how nocode became so popular, so fast. Was it some kind of application framework, software developer conspiracy? Probably. But chances were equally good it was an emperor.

Here at NoCompany, we take architecture, scalability, security, and reliability very seriously. Nocode is great because it doesn’t require us to write any code or deploy to any servers. This gave us the flexibility to follow the installation instructions and instantly be scaled to a cluster of infinite noservers.

After switching to nocode, we saw a dramatic decrease in bugs and security vulnerabilities. It was pretty shocking. The conversion time was also impressive. No sooner had we looked at the git repository, then we were completely converted to nocode.

Nocode has enabled impressive scalability for our applications. We are even considering sponsoring the upcoming nocode conference, NoConf, to be held in Nocity, Nostate.

Hope this article helped you switched to nocode.