Truth today is defined by the top results of the Google search, not by actual facts that happen in the real world.

Most of the wars didn’t co-exist, just happened in our minds watching those social networks where everything seemed real.

Individuals are owned by pieces of land, also called nation-states, where people are assigned with a bunch of variables such as culture, habits, common thoughts, etc… to think in a common way and to fight against other beliefs.

Most people think they’re free. …

The reality sometimes becomes really hard, when I started in this crypto world, I was amazed at the possibilities that decentralization can bring to us, the people.

The story acknowledges that revolutions and changes create a gang of glitches that disturb the purpose of the creation of this new paradigm.

  • X people who join at this to increase his salary, not for believing in the purpose.
  • Y people who don’t know anything about what they are doing and create scam ICOs.
  • Z people who help this scams in exchange for making money.

My purpose in this life is not to…

When you grow up, you might not have a job.

Fears that automation, protocols, machines, robots, etc… will create massive unemployment as happened going back to the nineteenth century, and so far this has never materialized.

This time it’s different, machine learning, AI will be a real game changer.

AI possess two particularly non-human abilities: connectivity and updateability. Algorithms will do anything better than any Homo sapiens.

The society will reach a point that will require philosophy, ethics and true decentralization.

What is true decentralization? (Source: Vitalik Buterin)

Disclosure: I choose Catalonia to imagine a digital nation such as the one powered by the Republic of Estonia because the administration of Catalonia is prepared to create a system like that. I recommend reading this to anyone who wants to build a digital nation.

Catalonia is a pioneer in the implementation of a country strategy for Blockchain technology announced a few days ago the Minister of Digital Policy and Public Administration of the Catalan government.

After this announcement, I decided to write my thoughts about how would be Catalonia in the blockchain.

But first I want to talk briefly…

The Birth of the Role Self.

When I finished Selectivity, I decided to spend one month just having fun without focusing on any specific things. Just inflow.

After that period of ‘flow’, I sat in front of my computer and started to arrange meetings with interesting people, signed up for online courses and bought books to understand the world and myself.

I am constantly looking at the ideas that appear to me when I’m absorbing information like a sponge that can’t stop learning new things. I just thought about Nietzsche’s famous quote “Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?”.


Scalability and improvements in technology are important, but also we need to upgrade Society’s to take the world one step further.

Decentralized technologies leave anyone control 100% of their money, this means individuals are in control of their safety and are responsible for losing everything.

The banks take away our freedom and charge fees in exchange for giving us security, like refunding transactions when our card gets stolen.

Interacting with the blockchain is not the same as with the bank.

  • The blockchain does not charge a transaction fee.
  • The blockchain does not decide how much money you can send, where…

Cala Morell, Menorca.

A couple months ago Iñaki Gabilondo interviewed me, and he asked me about what I’m going to do for the next year. Today that interview will be out. When he asked me, I didn’t have a clear answer. My life was changing moment by moment without a second to stop and breath.

My journey has been filled with lots of opportunities to learn, explore, become better and better, but it hasn’t come without its bumps. …

The instant gratification that people give and receive over their posts, instant messaging (Snapchat, WhatsApp… ), sugar, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, online shopping and instant rewarding, has created the complete dopaminergic society we live in today.

We live in a fake happiness era where food and sex are rewarded. But for this to work, the feeling of happiness must be temporary. Money is a way to buy dopamine and it helps us to do things that give us pleasure.

Humans have a fundamental need to belong and a fundamental desire for social status. As a result, our brains treat information about…

When I bought my first laptop at 9 I started using Internet Explorer to have some fun watching Youtube videos and learning the basics of hacking, those were the early days in the beginnings of tracking. A while later I switched to Safari, Chrome and finally Firefox. Always with Ad-Blocker in my plug-ins, add-ons or extensions (lol) to browse without distractions.

It’s obvious that no one likes ads and trackers that violate our privacy and trade with our attention, time and money. …

Files haven’t changed since they were born in 1950. They have always been used to storage all kind of information onto bites and make it accessible to everyone.

Files can be adapted based on new available techonologies and provide more value to the end users.

That’s why in FileNation we want to build the next generation of intelligent files (IPFS + Ethereum) and actively contribute to all these changes that computer files are going to have to face over the following years. But how do we see the files of the future?

We see them as files that can allow…

Alex Sicart Ramos

Presidente Ejecutivo de @shastaapp. Forbes 30 Under 30.

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