Announcing the best project I’ll ever work on.

Cala Morell, Menorca.

A couple months ago Iñaki Gabilondo interviewed me, and he asked me about what I’m going to do for the next year. Today that interview will be out. When he asked me, I didn’t have a clear answer. My life was changing moment by moment without a second to stop and breath.

My journey has been filled with lots of opportunities to learn, explore, become better and better, but it hasn’t come without its bumps. I’ve become an adult while growing as an artist/entrepreneur, I’ve been able to know myself better and realize that there’s so much I want to do with my life before getting engaged on a long-term stuff.

It turns out that adversity and failure are actually useful and even necessary for developing strong-minded and successful adults. — Mark Manson

During all this time I have realized different activities in which I have fully discovered more and more what I am really interested to do in this life.

I now realize I hate physics, the actual education structure based on closed assignments and that I can’t be very productive working on things I don’t care about or don’t like, such as school homework or working for someone else. I took this last year of high school to discover what I’m really passionate.

I discover how passionate, thinker, creative and hard-working person I am when I work at something I love.

“Well, maybe the machines can end up writing the code for us, but creativity is what will make the difference in what we humans will contribute.”
Walter Isaacson

During this year, I enjoyed a lot working with Joan, Pol & David on this new adventure, FileNation. In this project, I have discovered how passionate I am about building a product. I am a product guy with technical and business knowledge.

Society, social media… is always trying to drive you somewhere, some months ago, a newspaper which stated: Álex Sicart, a young prodigy who can become Steve Jobs.

I don’t want to become anyone else, neither someone like Steve Jobs, I don’t want to do what people think I must do (work big corp, go to university…). People are obviously always driven by parents, teachers, friends, society… and I could be then driven and make crucial decisions for what media says about me.

People should care a lot about finding his own and personal way. I want to be the best version of myself. And for me, Alex Sicart is an introvert but passionate guy who wants to improve people’s lives with great products. I have been totally exposed to all kinds of media, living wonderful experiences with amazing people and working very hard combining high school and projects. All these amazing experiences have given me lots of knowledge and learning. I wouldn’t change it by anything.

During all the projects I’ve been involved specially FileNation and Sharge, the process is what I love, the long hours of work, uncertainty, stress and sharing part of my inner truth in the products. Not be scattered with school or bureaucracy.

Things I’m proud of, so far:


  • Empower more than 10.000 users to send files freely and easily using IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).
  • First position in the Ranking of HackerNews (one of the most prestigious sites about technology).
  • More than 700 stars in GitHub showing the interest of the tech community.
  • Created at the most intensive programming bootcamp in Europe for 3 months. CodeWorks.
  • 17 contributor, all around the world.
  • 100% open source ❤.

FileNation started as a movement to empower people around the world to send files easily using IPFS. But currently it is unsustainable to maintain, that’s why we appeal to donations to continue with this movement and empower more people to be free.

Donations →


  • Enjoying the process of building a tech project with amazing people.
  • Travel to Silicon Valley to be born a second time with Imagine Creativity Challenge.
  • Going against of bureaucracy (Spanish energy legislation).
  • Amazing user experience. Video
  • Learn a lot.


Cryptosolartech is a DAO that will invest in green photovoltaic energy and cryptocurrency mining to allow its users to rent their Asics based on the possession of the tokens. More info: CryptoSolarTech.

Internxt is transforming the way people live through revolutionary technology. Subscribe to try X Cloud!

  • Giving technology advises on blockchain projects based in Spain.
  • Support amazing teams and projects.
  • Learn from great leadership by Pablo Alonso, Alain Aguirre, and Fran Villalba.
  • Learn and get in touch with extraordinary people.
  • Share my knowledge and experience.


  • Change the way I see my problems, I changed what I value and/or how I measure failure/success.
  • Try many things, without fearing about failure and criticism.
  • Never feel successful, frequent sense of underachievement.
  • Listen a lot. Be humble.
  • Take advantage of opportunities like EADA & CodeWorks to learn a lot.

Why Not University… ❤

  • Thanks to the Internet, knowledge is abundant. You can learn most knowledge that humankind has created if you know how to search and discern.
  • Those who can learn by themselves are in a superior evolutionary position.

Some weeks ago talking with a friend about my decision, he told me about the way to change something is by actually changing it from inside.

But the big dispute is: University is a thing of the past (in some areas that don’t need expensive resources in order to learn) that made a lot of sense in the Industrial Era where knowledge was scarce and centralized.

In a dictatorship, while supporters of it don’t need to think too much, because everything is thought of for them, the driven individual needs to renounce to that easy path in order to regain thought freedom.
If you properly learn how to learn, you will need no mentors, because humankind will be your mentor. You will plug to the Internet and absorb information like a sponge, re-balance your learning process and repeat.

So why spending 4 years to change something that won’t make sense anymore?

As I now have more knowledge about myself, I’m a smart and driven individual, I can affirm that university is not for me.

As I know what motivates me and what I am good at, then it’s the matter of finding the right people. Those people can gather around a subreddit, a cryptoasset, a forum… and the good thing about being free is that I don’t have to blindly commit to an educational institution and its community, but I can belong to multiple communities.

If I go to university I would dedicate most of the time to work on things I really love as FileNation, connecting with people with the same interests, and again without time to learn, think about who am I, explore widely, without time to sleep 8 hours or without time to eat healthily… Becoming a totally different personality and without all my stuff solved.

What I’m going to do for the next year… ❤

As @sama said:

So at this point I have decided that before going anywhere full-time and focus on a long-term task (during high school I realize it’s impossible to create a great product/start-up being part-time), I need some time, I don’t know how much, to think, travel, meet people around the globe, experiment new cultures to open even more my mind and for sure having a clear vision of which is the worthless direction I want to follow in my life before enrolling in a long-term place. In fewer words, I want to be closer to the real Alex Sicart and what an impact I want to do, big or small doesn’t matter.

It is important to say that this decision doesn’t mean I leave creating short-term projects that awake my curiosity (working on it with Pol Baladas), the advisory roles or my investments during this period, while I’m traveling all around the world. But during this time I’ll give a lot of importance to myself and scheduling meetings with interesting people all around the world during this time, from different ideologies, cultures, religions…

At 18, I don’t really know what I’m going to do with my life. Parents, School, etc… try to force me going college, my subconscious manipulation tries to force me to do a lot of things, but my inner says take time for yourself while I’m learning about life, world and myself…

Man’s search for meaning is long-term satisfaction.

Alex Sicart. Written in Menorca, June 2018