The not mainstream state of dApps.

The reality sometimes becomes really hard, when I started in this crypto world, I was amazed at the possibilities that decentralization can bring to us, the people.

The story acknowledges that revolutions and changes create a gang of glitches that disturb the purpose of the creation of this new paradigm.

  • X people who join at this to increase his salary, not for believing in the purpose.
  • Y people who don’t know anything about what they are doing and create scam ICOs.
  • Z people who help this scams in exchange for making money.

My purpose in this life is not to find these situations. In order to do that, I’ll create an example. I’ll return or give to charity tokens I have received from ICOs.

I realize that my higher purpose in this life is to create real dApps in the blockchain industry (Real things for the ecosystem).

Although there are projects that have made ICOs that are really cool and have a spectacular team, it’s not the most common thing in this world.

Examples of projects that have done an ICO to create amazing protocols/infrastructure for the decentralized world (few examples):

The question that most of the people in this ecosystem should ask is if the app they are creating needs a blockchain. Not everything needs a blockchain, for most of the things an excel schema in a centralized fashion makes sense.

Most of the things that are being built on top of the blockchain right now are protocols/infrastructure (it’s the most needed at this point), not dApps that can go mainstream.

Zeppelin is doing a good job in this field, they are creating a system called ZeppelinOS to deploy and operate any smart contract project securely, a must having in mind that security practices are a top priority in the crypto world.

The next state after consolidating protocols and infrastructure is to increase user adoption for dApps, applications that generate real revenue.

One of the most basic needs in humans lives is to create the market. Create products, provide services, sell them to others. Add value to their lives and take profit.

At the moment that dApps take real profit we will be mainstream, not ICOs, not investment…

Long live to Ethereum!

About the Author

Alex Sicart is the Founder of Shasta.

He is a Forbes 30 Under 30 and Imagine Silicon Valley scholar 2016. Prior to creating Shasta, he created FileNation, with it you can easily share your files around the world through a new P2P technology called IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

Sicart had already dabbled in energy prior to this new project he’s now embarking on: he won an Audi scholarship to spend a summer in Silicon Valley with two colleagues, where they developed the Sharge app — an app which connected owners of electric car charging stations with electric vehicle-owners wanting to recharge their cars.