Complete Ankle Protocol to Improve Ankle Mobility & Stability

Today let’s talk about the ankles and how important they are for on-field performance and preventing injury, specifically knee injuries.

Knee Injuries: If your ankles are immobile and lack adequate dorsiflexion the body will then search and hunt for another location that it can find the mobility that it needs to serve a given function. The closest stop along the chain are the knees. If we’re using a joint who’s primary function is stability (knee) it’s going to become unstable and weak over time because the joint is being forced to absorb stress that the preceding joint (ankle) wasn’t able to rid. If you’re still unsure of what I’m exactly talking about I encourage you to check out Mike Boyle’s “Joint-by-Joint Approach” Model that goes into more depth about this concept.

Sprinting & Performance: Shifting over to sprinting now, it’s important that our ankles have adequate MOBILITY but they also need the proper STABILITY to transfer forces from the feet to the hips effectively.

Below I put together a simple yet effective ankle protocol for you guys that will improve ankle stability and ankle dorsiflexion range of motion. Give this circuit a try before your next training session or practice/game and let me know what you think!

A1) Rocking Ankle Mobility 1–3 sets x 8 reps/side

A2) KB Switches 1–3 sets x 8–10 passes each side

A3) Hurdle Hop W/Stick 1–3 sets x 3–5 reps/side

I hope this post was able to help you guys! If you have any more questions send me an email! -Alex


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