Exercise’s You Should Be Doing — Hookem Rotational Medicine Ball Scoop Toss

Hookem Medicine Ball Rotational Scoop Toss performed by Davidson College LHP Pitcher/Outfielder — Alex Mardiney

Here’s a nice exercise you guys can use to feel your lead hip separate from your throwing shoulder to create good hip and shoulder separation.

️Obviously separation is huge in baseball whether it’s hitting or pitching. We see some of the hardest throwers posses good hip to shoulder separation which allows them to create so much elastic energy and in turn power/velocity.

Programming Advice:

Sets/Reps 3–4 sets x 4 reps each side

Coaching Cues:

Make sure you keep your head back. I would have liked to see Alex’s head stay back just a bit longer in the second video. The reason for this is if your head shoots forward too much it’s going to give up that upper back rotation we like to see to create that separation from your hips.

Give this exercise a try today and let me know what you think!