How to Make a GOOD Recruiting Video that College Coaches Will Watch

Step 1: Make a High Quality Video — Coaches don’t want to watch a video that’s blurry. To accomplish this, you don’t need a fancy camera. Every video I’ve made in the past year has been made with my Iphone with great video quality.

Step 2: DOMINATE The first 15 Seconds of The Video — The first 15 seconds of your recruiting video are so important because that’s where you want to grab the coaches attention and interest.

In these first 15 seconds you want to include your BEST video clip. For example; I was an outfielder and my best tool was my power. In the first 15 seconds of my video, I showcased my BEST swing which was a Home Run at a AAA stadium.

Step 3: Make Your Video Short — College coaches don’t have time! I think anything over 2–3 min is too long. Shorter is always better.

Step 4: Put your age, height, weight, where your from, SAT score/GPA and email/phone number at the end of the video as well as in the description (if you put your video on YouTube, which I suggest you do).

Step 5: Focus on showcasing the specific skills that coaches care about — Coaches don’t want to watch your day in the life video, or videos of you training.

Here’s a breakdown of what each position should have skill wise in their video:

Catcher: Hitting, Running (home to first or 60 yard dash), Receiving, Blocking, Throws to second and third.

Pitcher: Bullpen where you’re showing all your pitches as well as your delivery so the coach can take a look at your mechanics.

Infielder: Hitting, Running (home to first/60 yard dash), Fielding at your position and throwing the ball to first base. Don’t just field the ball and drop it to your side. Coaches want to see your arm so show it off.

Outfielder: Hitting, Running (home to first/60 yard dash), Throws to bases (Home and Third), Fielding (going back on the ball and coming in on the ball).

Bonus: Good In-Game Footage — If you have video of you playing well in a game that is a great piece of content you can add to your video.

I hope this was able to help! If there’s anymore questions leave them in the comments below! -Alex

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