The BEST Lower Body Strength Exercises — TOP 5 COUNTDOWN

5. Barbell Hip Thrust (Supine & Upper Back on Bench) — This exercise is great for isolating the athletes glutes and hamstrings. This is also a great lower body exercise to use in-season as the eccentric stress is non-existent.

4. Anterior Loaded Reverse Lunge — If you’re an athlete unilateral lower body strength is HUGE! Think about it.. what sport is played on two legs? Rowing is the only one that comes to mind. I chose the reverse lunge for this list because in my experience my athletes have complained about knee pain with forward lunges. With the reverse lunge their pain is non-existent. Also, I like to have my athletes to use a front squat grip to get some good axial loading.

3. Trap Bar Deadlift/Sumo Deadlift — I would say 90 percent of the guys I’ve trained over the past year cannot perform a conventional Deadlift in a good position. This is probably true for the majority of athletes out there as well. I REFUSE to put any of my athletes under load in a bad position so using the Sumo Deadlift and Trap Bar Deadlift are two great options to get the benefits of a Deadlift while staying in a good position.

2. Barbell Box Squat — I believe the Box Squat is GREAT for all athletes because like the Deadlift the athlete is exploding up from a dead stop or overcoming inertia at the bottom of the exercise. I feel both of these exercises (Box Squat/Deadlift) would translate well to the athletic field as most things we do in sport are exploding out from a dead stop. Sprinting is a perfect example of this.

1.Rear-Foot Elevated BG Split Squats — the HOLY GRAIL of all unilateral lower body training! Bulgarian Split Squats are great for improving single-leg stability and unilateral lower body strength. You also are able to get a good dynamic stretch of the hip flexors as well!