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Animated Components by Adrián Somoza

This write up is meant to act as an inspirational run down regarding system design in your everyday product design process.

What’s System Design? Designing at scale.

System Design is the construction of UI components that power the look and feel of a product in a highly scalable and manageable way. The NYC Subway system is an interesting example of how system design plays an essential role in everyday physical life and why we should appreciate its thoughtful guidelines and execution.

Another short rant on how and why I love Webflow so much. Become a more versatile designer by incorporating this tool into your daily or weekly process.

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Caveat, that I’m only going to dig into a few high level points. This does not cover the complete set of features you should and can be using with Webflow.

How it falls into my actual workflow may be unconventional to most. …

How type can ignite your imagination

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“Type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters.

This write up is driven by what I learned from a month long series of exercises using primarily type. Caveat, there are lots of contributing factors and other perspectives to consider — this is merely a short ramble on why I love type so much.

Minimalism & Simplicity.


Designer, Xoogler, cat herder.

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