Buy Quality Oxy-Fuel Safety Equipment To Ensure Complete Safety and Protect Lives

Oxy-fuel welding is a common process of welding that uses fuel gases and oxygen to weld metals. It was developed by French engineers Edmond Fouché and Charles Picard in 1903 and since then it has seen several innovative changes that have made it a more efficient process. The uniqueness of the process is that it uses pure oxygen, instead of air, to increase the temperature of the flame to allow localized melting of the metal in a room environment.

The process involves the use of a welding torch to weld metals. The welding occurs when two pieces of metals are heated to a temperature that produces a shared pool of molten metal. When the molten pool is produced, it is filled with the additional metal called filler to give it more strength. Filler material differs from one metal to another.

Safety is paramount
Oxy-fuel welding is not a difficult process to handle but there are a few vital points that one should keep in mind while handling the equipment:

- It is crucial to ensure that more than 1/7 the capacity of the cylinder should not be used per hour as this can cause the acetone inside to come out and contaminate the hose and possibly the torch.
- Chemical exposure is a major concern while welding and therefore, it is essential to have proper ventilation when welding.
- Above 1 atm (15 psi) pressure, acetylene is dangerous and it is unstable and explosively decomposes.

Safety equipment for oxy-fuel welding
There are a number of safety equipment that should be used to protect oneself from any possible accidents. Here’s a look at the important oxy-fuel safety equipment :

- Welding goggles : The eyes need strong protection against glare and flying sparks. Welding goggles are specially designed eyewear that should be worn all times when welding. It is needed to protect the welder and also, provide a clear view through the yellow-orange flare given off by the incandescent flux.

- Cylinder tank cart : Although it may seem non-essential, a proper cylinder cart is essential for safely handling the cylinders. Tanks should be fastened securely upright to a wall or a post or a portable cart as the gases inside are at a very high pressure and can be dangerous if the cylinder falls off and its valve strikes something, the pressure might force it to become extremely dangerous.

It is essential to take good care while you’re using welding gases as these are explosive gases due to their flammable nature. Many online stores quality equipment at reasonable prices.

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