Oxy Acetylene Torch Kits to Cut the Hardest of Materials

In various industrial operations, cutting of different kinds of materials is required to perform a task. Some of these materials like steel are very hard that cannot be easily cut with normal cutting tools. In order to cut such metals, the same heating technique is followed that is used to weld them. Extreme heat is generated by using different gases that creates a high temperature. This high level of heat can easily cut the hardest of materials. However, the technology and tools to perform welding as well as cutting are different. Still, the gases used in both the operations are same. Earlier, oxygen and hydrogen gases were used to create high temperature by mixing them but now, oxygen is mixed with acetylene that produces a temperature of around 6000F to cut strong materials.

Just like oxy acetylene welding, cutting of different metals is also performed through torches. With the help of an oxy acetylene cutting torch, the metal is heated to a very high temperature known as kindling temperature. This kindling temperature creates a stream of oxygen that is placed on the metal. As the metal combines with the steam of oxygen, it creates a cut through the formation of oxide slag. Such types of cuts created by oxy acetylene torches are called kerfs. However, some precautions are needed to be taken during oxy acetylene cutting such as the temperature should not extend beyond the melting point of the metal otherwise the cutting torch will melt the metal. Also, the oxidation between the metal and oxygen should be strong enough so as to maintain temperature ignition. And, the most important factor required in the cutting process is purity of oxygen that should remain 99.5% or higher.

As obvious, the main component in the oxy acetylene torch kits are acetylene cutting torches that are different from welding torches. Cutting torches have three pipes that run along the length of the torch at a 90 degree angle along with a trigger that applies the oxygen to the metal’s surface when pulled. In addition to the torches, cutting kits have safety gear including protective clothing, gloves and helmets; pressure vessels, hoses, gas pressure regulators and other tools.

If you need oxy acetylene cutting torches and kits for your industry, you can buy them over the web. Many suppliers are providing these torches and their associated kits in different specifications online at an affordable price range.

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