Oxy Acetylene Welding: Characteristics, Process And Advantages

Oxy-acetylene welding is a very common welding process that dates back to 1890s, wherein oxygen and acetylene are used as the two major welding gases. The combination of oxygen and acetylene produces a flame temperature of over 6000 degrees Fahrenheit making it ideal for welding and cutting.

Materials Suitable for Oxy Acetylene Welding:
Mild Steel
Brazing can be done on other materials i.e. aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brass
Characteristics of the oxy acetylene welding process include:
It uses dual oxygen and acetylene gases stored under pressure in steel cylinders.
It has the ability to switch quickly to a cutting process, by changing the welding tip to a cutting tip.
The gas mixture attains a high temperature. 
It uses regulators to control gas flow and reduce pressure on both oxygen and acetylene tanks.
It uses double line rubber hoses to conduct the gas from the tanks to the torch.
It requires melting the materials to be welded together.
It has the ability to regulate temperature by adjusting gas flow.

Steps to be followed

1. When preparing to weld, it is important to assemble all of the materials you will need, once you begin welding.

2. Gather parts, equipment, fixtures, safety gear, filler rods and the material you will be welding.

3. You should first thoroughly clean the materials you will be welding to remove any contaminants that can cause welding defects later.

4. The next step is to place the materials you will be welding in the required place using clamps or vise grips, and then choose the correct size nozzle for the type of weld you will be performing.

5. Using the correct size nozzle will make the welding process much easier.

6. Open the main valve located on the cylinder by rotating it 90 degrees clockwise. After opening the valve of the oxygen tank and adjusting the amount of pressure, feel comfortable to ignite the flame.

Now, you’re ready to begin with the welding process.


1. The oxy acetylene welding kit is very easy to use and the process does not consume a lot of your precious time.

2. The equipment used here is comparatively cheaper than other kinds of welding rigs such as MIG or TIG welding ones.

3. The equipment is more portable than most other types of welding rigs (MIG/TIG welding).

4. Oxy acetylene equipment can also be used to “flame-cut” large pieces of material.

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