Hello again 👋 and welcome to part two of this series talking about how we build beampipe.io, a privacy-conscious and fun alternative to Google Analytics.

In part one we talked about backend so naturally it’s now time for us to turn to frontend. I’ll start with a confession — I am not by skill or by inclination a frontend developer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written a lot of frontend code over the years (perhaps I’m just in denial) but it’s normally been about getting something built rather than more careful crafting. I’d say that’s changed a little in the…

Beampipe’s frontend UI

I wanted to kick this blog off with a discussion of some of the technical decisions we made while building beampipe. However, I guess I can’t really get away without talking at all about what the product is so here goes…

Beampipe is a simple, privacy-focussed web analytics tool. It’s somewhat similar in concept to Fathom and Plausible but with some slightly different goals, particularly with regards to our future roadmap. Put simply, and most fundamentally, we think web analytics tools should be easy and fun to use. Secondly, we think that where possible, these tools should respect user’s privacy


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