Bitcoin = Death Processors
Darin Stevenson

Great read, thanks. It is crazy the amount of energy that is being put into running machines to solve problems, to create increasingly harder problems for more machines to solve, using ever more energy, all with no inherent value*.

I’m not sure I agree with (or potentially I misunderstood) how you’ve set up what money is -drawing an analogy between natural caches and cash — that money “is an abstraction of dead people, places and moments”.

In a way it is an abstraction of moments passed, yes, in the form of ‘work done’. But they are not necessarily ‘dead moments’ nor all inherently negative as the term and rest of the article implies. Though the moments may pass (along with the opportunity cost, as you point out), that ‘work done’ may live on in the future (e.g. as raw materials, refined products, infrastructure, knowledge, etc.). And that ‘work done’ can be done in a socially positive and environmentally sustainable framework.

*albeit the related potential value of having a decentralised source of currency seems to be enough, for now.