Creating music for casual games

At first sight it seems that music does not play such an important role in slots as, for example, in video games. But it is not quite true.

Alex Stargame
May 18, 2018 · 3 min read

Music is no less essential to casual and minigames than it is for video games, but the function it fulfills is a little different.

In video games, music sets the mood, helps immerse in the game reality and is an integral part of the general atmosphere. Minigames and slots in particular feature simple unobtrusive music. They must be pleasant to play even without sounds — that is what minigames are for, to be played “between things”, without any deep immersion in the atmosphere.

As Coco Chanel once said, if you do not remember what a woman was wearing, it means she was perfectly dressed.The same rule applies to music and sounds in minigames. If the player does not notice them, they are great. As a rule, players pay attention to “strange” sounds that are out of tune with the general game style.

It would seem that there is nothing difficult in making harmonious ambient music for slots.

Music creation process

At the moment, the FairWin team is working on the creation of three slots, for each of which we pick only the music that fits the plot.

Creating game music begins with composing a basic track which will become background music.

The FairWin team has a special person responsible for music creation. The sound designer offers a few variants of every track, we listen to them, discuss them and choose the most suitable one.

Main theme

Music in games is selected depending on the plot. For example, you can hear Scandinavian sounds in the basic track of Yggdrasil — after all, it is a game about the Viking mythological tree.

Symbol sounds

Creating symbol sounds goes in parallel with the development and thinking over their animation. Every sound should be perfectly timed to a symbol animation, so that the player’s mind perceives all these elements as a whole.


The majority of “live” sounds can be found on the Internet. However, creating sounds for a magic element or showing the mana flow into a tree takes imagination.

We create sounds in Ableton Live 9. It is a professional program, used for studio work (arrangement, etc.) and by musicians during live performances. This program has a library of sounds and all the necessary music processing tools that enable you to reach practically any effect.

So what?

Music, like other game elements, performs one important function — making the players stay for as long as possible. Animation and sounds should captivate the player’s attention and not allow him to get bored while spinning the reels. Besides, sounds keep the player excited: the sounds of wins should be pleasant by definition, the sound of losing should irritate a little, etc.

In brief, what seems inconspicuous at first sight, turns out to be a major factor. So we carefully select and think over the tracks and sounds for all FairWin games.

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