Review of the most interesting gaming projects on blockchain 2018

Alex Stargame
4 min readAug 13, 2018


After the astonishing success of CryptoKitties, the world was flooded with a few hundreds of games on blockchain. Below, I have gathered for you a few original projects on blockchain in the sphere of computer games, that have been launched in the last half a year.

Age of Rust

Age of Rust is a dark adventure game in the sci-fi genre, developed by Solve Puzzles and Unlock Crypto. The game action develops in the Universe in the far off 4424. The player’s aim is to exploit new planets, explore the ruins of space civilizations and mysterious caves. To move forward, you need to sove puzzles and riddles. For every correct solution of a puzzle the player receives an award in the form of cryptocurrencies: Rustbits, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Enjin or tokens for other cryptogames.

The creators of Age of Rust claim that although the game offers to collect and accumulate game items, they will not affect the gameplay and chances to win. Moving on and exploring new locations is possible even without them.


The creators of CryptoSpaceX see it as the first universe on blockchain. Here, the players have a possibility to explore planets, buy rockets and arms and participate in battles. There were supposed to be a few episodes in the game. The first was meant to be released in June, 2018, but the game has still not appeared on the site.

On the other hand, there is a section where the spaceships which could be bought at an auction in July, 2018 are exhibited.

The gameplay is based on the collecting planets and spaceships and fighting in battles.


It is a collection game platform where the players can buy and collect cars with funny names connected with cryptocurrencies and the industry of blockchain. For example, here you can buy cars “Satoshi” and “Vitalik”. The number of cars of every model on the site is limited.

EOS Knights

This game evokes the famous saga “Final Fantasy”. The player travels across the universe, kills monsters, earns points and can buy armour, weapons, clothes and even animals. The game’s creators name EOS Knights the first mobile game on blockchain. Now the game’s beta version is accessible on Android devices, and in August, 2018 should be launched on iOS.


As the blockchain technology allows to create a system in which every participant of the game industry would have the possibility to earn in games, the idea of creating a platform where players could exchange achievements and things from different games has gained popularity. One of such projects is BitGuild. Unlike other platforms, it offers the integration and exchange of achievements from different games on blockchain. The matter is that a few hundred very different projects and games on blockchain have sprung up over the last year. The founders of the project, who managed to raise about 20 million dollars during the ICO, believe that the number of games on blockchain will only keep growing.


Casino on blockchain cannot surprise anybody now, but the project of a blockchain game platform with different casual games looks like something interesting. In August, 2018 the FairWin team has launched the first slot game on their platform — it is Yggdrasil, a slot based on Scandinavian mythology. There are also Top Drop, a slot about Colombian smugglers, and Zethereum catz about space cats under development.

In the future, the developers are going to publish other casual games, besides slots, on their platform. All of them will be available to play with the platform’s tokens.

No Man’s Sky

An interesting way to integrate video games and cryptocurrencies was offered by the founders of this game. They took 0.004 BTC and hid it in secret places on two game planets. That is how they wished to stimulate players to explore the game universe more deeply and thoroughly and, consequently, spend more time playing. In this case, just like in Age of Rust, the secret places with cryptocurrency fulfill more of a marketing function, but is noteworthy all the same. Moreover, the game is distinguished by beautiful graphics and a detailed world.

Axie Infinity

This game looks a little like Cryptokitties. Here it is possible to buy and collect different monsters, improve them and compete with other Axies. We’ve got to hand it to the developers, the game and characters look very cute.

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