What is social gambling and how it connecting with blockchain?

A more rational and civilised kind of this feeling is experienced by every player at a pinball machine. But the civilised society has learnt to fight against negative consequences of gambling.

With the development of mobile applications the so-called “social casinos” gain popularity in the world, where the player bets not real money, but useless credits.

Why do gamblers play in a social casino?

The attendance of social casinos exceeds online casino traffic by 20 times. Social gamblers play more slots and spend much more time gambling.

Avid players, even those who play in a social casino, like to share their achievements and discuss their favorite games with those who are “in the know”, that is why communities of players are formed around social casinos.

It is like playing the “Fool” with friends at a party — a way to communicate and spend a pleasant time. Gamblers play slots to distract themselves, relax and simply kill time.

Back to the 90’s by FairWin

Social casino features

Social slots are distinguished from conservative casinos by better graphics, fascinating plots and a considerable number of various levels and bonuses.

It works approximately like this. The player registers in a game, receives a daily “ration” of chips and places bets using them. To pass to the next level or get a bonus level, he needs to buy more chips or wait for the next day when his balance will automatically be refilled. Now, additional chips can be bought for quite the real money.

Still, very often there is a certain material stimulus in social casinos. For example, organizers can offer tickets to different events, various game bonuses, collection symbols or chips to exchange with other players as a prize. In general, there are a lot of possibilities to make the player fork up.

Finally, the most important advantage of social casinos is that formally it is not gambling and they are considered legal in all countries.

Top Drop by FairWin

Social casinos on blockchain

Unlike usual online casinos, game platforms on blockchain provide transparency and fairness of game process. This kind of gambling is safer for players. Therefore, in the future blockchain casinos can become one of the versions of social gambling.

For example, on the FairWin platform bets are made not with a cryptocurrency or real money, but with the FWIN tokens. As in social slots, the developers make a special emphasis not on gambling, but on high-quality graphics, fascinating plots and features, which in itself can become an incentive for players.

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Welcome to the unofficial FairWin company blog. http://fairwin.io/

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Alex Stargame

Alex Stargame

Welcome to the unofficial FairWin company blog. http://fairwin.io/