A few days ago, Bitcoin price dropped to $ 4,500. While crypto investors are biting their elbows, getting rid of cryptocurrencies, or resolving to hold it until better times, I have decided to remind you what kind of shocks Bitcoin has experienced over the past 13 months.

The main shock for Bitcoin was December 2017, when the price went through the roof, reaching $ 20,000. Experts predicted further growth of the currency to $ 50,000. Such forecasts could be heard until the summer of 2018. But the price went steadily down. It did not happen overnight.

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The first serious cryprtocurrency…

People dreamed about the virtual reality technology even half a century ago. In the middle of the last century, humanity took the first steps to realize this idea.

Several years ago large corporations like Tesla, Google, Amazon and others began to talk about virtual reality. Now there is little doubt that VR is the future of humanity.

Usually, when discussing VR, most people think of computer games or the use of this technology in cinema, that is, in the field of entertainment. VR-rides were one of the most accessible (for the mass consumer) applications of this technology until very recently. However, virtual reality actually offers many more opportunities for application.

VR and computer games

Computer gaming seems to be one of the most obvious uses for this technology. But in practice, the…

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Almost two weeks have passed since the last development diary entry. A lot of great news has accumulated in our company.

Firstly, the work on the graphics of Voyagers, a game about geographical discoveries, is completed. All the materials are given to the programmers and developers, and soon the game will be published in the Showcase section along with Blobsters, the game about cute monsters.

Secondly, our team started creating the next game. It will be devoted to magic. …

The first thing a player sees in any game is a menu. This “face” of a game is what gives him the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of a game from the very first seconds. That is why developers carefully think over the main menu interface.

Most players agree that a main menu should be user-friendly and intuitive.

About 15 years ago many casual games used items located on the screen instead of buttons with game titles. Probably, the first 10 games with such a menu really looked interesting. …

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After long team discussions, we have eventually decided to hold a Christmas token sale. The sale of the FairWin platform tokens will take place from December 1, 2018 to January 1, 2019.

Upon completion of the TGE, the FWIN token will be published on crypto-exchanges. The details about token listings and exchanges will be reported later.

The FairWin team has a working prototype now. In August 2018, we launched the FairWin platform beta. At the moment, there are 8 games available, including 6 classic slots and two original FairWin games: Yggdrasil about the magic tree from Norse mythology and Top Drop devoted to smugglers in Colombia. You can familiarize yourself with the platform and test the games using test FWIN tokens on the company’s official website in the Showcase section.

By March…

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Since the cost of cryptocurrencies increased significantly and Bitcoin mining became a lucrative business, the issue of the harm that cryptocurrency mining does to the environment has been on the agenda.

It is believed that Bitcoin mining consumes too much energy. Since it became necessary to use huge computing powers to mine one Bitcoin, this process, according to scientists, has begun to have a serious negative impact on the environment. Jon H. Truby, a professor at Qatar University, writes about the dangers of mining in a study entitled “Decarbonizing Bitcoin: Law and policy choices for reducing the energy consumption…

What attracts them in games and how it affects video game development trends

It has long been known that women form the majority of mobile game players. Studies show that their favorite genres are puzzles, strategies, quizzes, “find hidden objects”, social slots and gambling. In addition, role-playing games, mostly of the fantasy genre, are popular among the beautiful half of players.

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The reason why some games are preferred by men and others by women lies in psychology. Women rarely play shooters not because they lack reaction or speed, but because they do not see the point in missions such as rescuing hostages, capturing an enemy bunker or killing a boss. It is more…

While everyone was celebrating Halloween, making carnival costumes and cutting pumpkins, the FairWin team worked on new games and prepared for the release of the game Top Drop, a slot they had been working on since the beginning of spring 2018.

On Monday, October 29, we published the game Top Drop on the FairWin platform, and it was a big day for us.

The main challenge of this game was to balance it. There are a lot of interactive details in Top Drop: prize multipliers, special symbols, etc. — they all depend on the player’s choice. Our developers made a…

Ethereum killers and other blockchain improvement projects

Against the background of depressed sentiments of crypto enthusiasts, it seems that the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a decline. Bitcoin fails, most of the running DAPPs turned out to be uninteresting and simply not applicable in practice because of the drawbacks of blockchain. However, numbers state the opposite. Despite the decline in the overall capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, the amount of funds raised in August 2018 was 44% higher than in July 2018. According to the anycoin.news market analysis, 50 ICOs were held and completed in August. Together, they managed to raise over one billion dollars.

Among the most…

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Not long ago, I came across an opinion that the intellectual level of gamers has fallen quite dramatically over the past 20 years. Simply put, they have become dumber. The fact is that with the advent of smartphones and mobile applications games have become more accessible, therefore the player audience has expanded.

When a person plays a game on his computer, sitting in his room, he is more focused, able to perceive the game more deeply and solve complex problems. Mobile devices offer a completely different way of consuming games.

A smartphone is something that is always at hand. People…

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