A few days ago, Bitcoin price dropped to $ 4,500. While crypto investors are biting their elbows, getting rid of cryptocurrencies, or resolving to hold it until better times, I have decided to remind you what kind of shocks Bitcoin has experienced over the past 13 months.

The main shock for Bitcoin was December 2017, when the price went through the roof, reaching $ 20,000. Experts predicted further growth of the currency to $ 50,000. Such forecasts could be heard until the summer of 2018. But the price went steadily down. It did not happen overnight.

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The first serious cryprtocurrency collapse occurred in January 2018, when the exchange rate of Bitcoin fell by almost half. Experts believe that the collapse was influenced by, first of all, the ban on cryptocurrencies and ICOs in China, and then investors were frightened by the news that the South Korean government was going to impose restrictions on cryptocurrency trade. Asia accounted for a significant share of the cryptocurrency market. …

People dreamed about the virtual reality technology even half a century ago. In the middle of the last century, humanity took the first steps to realize this idea.

Usually, when discussing VR, most people think of computer games or the use of this technology in cinema, that is, in the field of entertainment. VR-rides were one of the most accessible (for the mass consumer) applications of this technology until very recently. However, virtual reality actually offers many more opportunities for application.

VR and computer games

Computer gaming seems to be one of the most obvious uses for this technology. But in practice, the interest in VR games remains quite low. Some think that the reason is the prohibitive cost of VR gadgets, others — that the matter is in the low quality of virtual reality. One of the first games in the MMO genre with the VR technology was Eve: Valkyrie, a spacecraft simulator. …

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Almost two weeks have passed since the last development diary entry. A lot of great news has accumulated in our company.

Firstly, the work on the graphics of Voyagers, a game about geographical discoveries, is completed. All the materials are given to the programmers and developers, and soon the game will be published in the Showcase section along with Blobsters, the game about cute monsters.

Secondly, our team started creating the next game. …


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