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How about when you include adults killed outside of the home by regular old murderers? When carrying their gun might also be helpful? There were 11,961 murders in 2014. Surely some of those must have happened to soccor moms. You say 100 are murdered in home invasions, whereas 256 are accidentally shot by children and that this is “negligible” at around 0 percent. Why do Democrats make such a huge deal about assault rifles killing anyone in the US then when the FBI reports that 248 people were killed with a rifle in 2014, the last year on record, and murders using rifles was down by 33% since 2010 when 367 people were murdered? 248 people in a year?…that’s almost 0 percent of people in the US. So why push to place restrictions on them? Especially…and this is the very ironic part…when fears of confiscation or banning assault rifles from production…have caused millions upon millions of new rifles to be purchased during that same period. The media has described this as “fear of Obama policies driving a run on guns.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it? But in spite of these millions of guns being sold, the FBI reports that they aren’t being used to murder people. Fewer people each year were murdered with them. And also at the same time that millions more people are carrying weapons as a function of concealed carry. Millions more guns produced, being carried by millions more people, and murders keep trending downward. This information can be found in the Expanded Homicide Data Table 8, 2014 at the FBI’s website. Here’s a link:

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