Goals in a dust pan - 3 tips to save your year.

Alex Sugg
Alex Sugg
Jun 12, 2017 · 3 min read

In casual conversation, I have two pet-peeves. Discussions about the weather and discussions of how fast time is going by. Like, I know your life is more interesting than how warm its getting outside, so lets dig a little deeper, please?

Alas, I am already going to break my own rules here and discuss the quickness of time passing and what it means in context of accomplishing our goals.

Time can act like a broom. Coming in a moments notice and sweeping its path clean. I say this because it’s half-way through the year, and I am feeling all the goals I set for myself in early stages of the year already slipping from my grasp. I’m starting to hear my inner-voice say those common phrases like “I’ll get to it eventually” and “I’ve just been so busy”.

If I am not careful, my goals will turn into little dust-bunnies. We know what happens to dust-bunnies.

I have 3 actions I have been using to take control of my goals for 2017. So far, they are working great and I am confident they will help you on your journey.

1. Weekly Vision meeting with Myself.

I know it sounds goofy — but this is something I put on my calendar and take very, very seriously. Leave my phone in another room, turn off the wi-fi and simply focus. I like doing this first thing on a Monday morning to get a forecast for the week ahead. Taking 15 uninterrupted minutes to look over the goals you have set for yourself and then spend a few minutes breaking those goals down into small actions that you can accomplish this week. I find it helpful to have a macro view of the year to keep you hungry, and transfer that into micro actions that add up to quicker results.

2. Examine and adjust a “little habit”.

Yeah — this is everyone’s least favorite thing. Most habits are easy and feel mostly inconsequential. Examining them with honesty and willingness to change? Not so fun to do. However — this is something I recommend starting small in. Every week identify one habit that has been preventing your progress (ie. Too much screen time / social media, not exercising / being active, too little time with friends and loved ones) and focus on breaking that habit by little actions. The key here is one at a time. No need to be overly ambitious. The more negative habits you rid yourself of, the more positive time you’ll have to focus on your goals and accomplish them.

3. Balance your input vs output

This goes both ways. Too much of input OR output are bad things. You need to find a balance. I’ve wrote on this topic before, but it needs to be said again. Are you listening to way more podcasts / music than you are producing your project? Are you working so much you can’t smile anymore? Find out what is going on — and line it up against your goals. Once you see what you’re doing vs what you wanted to do take notes on how to adjust this, by either adding or subtracting your input vs output for a given week.

So in short — take time to look at yourself and ask the hard questions. Am I still on track to achieve these goals? Am I still creating the work / life balance I dreamt of in January? Be honest and willing to do the work — and you will be very happy with the results.

Alex Sugg

Written by

Alex Sugg

Creative Director, Composer and Writer currently living in New York City

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