Alex Sugg
Alex Sugg
May 26, 2017 · 4 min read

(Taken from 2015)

There is something that happens when we can take a step back, rest a minute, and look closely at the things we enjoy. Whether it is my iPhone, my favorite restaurant, or driving my car, when I take that time and remember what went into this thing I am enjoying without a second thought, I see that a lot had gone into it. A lot of things that are unseen by an outsider like me.

The dream itself does not change the reality. A blueprint doesn’t build the building. An idea doesn’t change the outcome. All of those things are incredibly important when looking to create something amazing. Without dreams there is nothing life-changing. Without a blueprint we are aimless in our efforts. Without ideas there is no growth and progress. But all of these things on their own don’t actually achieve anything. They are all just items that are sitting there waiting to be used. Tools in the toolbox. And there is one simple move that can take our goals from a thought in our heads to a finished result. It is unseen, unnoticed, and unapologetic grit. It is the “in-between” of the things we love. It is the author sitting at his desk for days, months or years to create a story we enjoy with ease for a matter of hours. It is the 20-something sitting behind textbooks for 8–9 years to become our doctor. It is the taxes a business owner has to fork out when he is barely making enough to get by. It is the stuff no one sees, hears or cares about that we all have to work through in order to achieve our goals. And if you are working tirelessly on something that means a lot to you, then it is worth every moment of what you give to it.

“It is possible to make time and make arrangements to pursue your dreams, but it does come at a price. And that price is mere willingness to give a little more. To develop a little grit.”

It sounds so simple. Trivial, even. But the truth of the matter is most of us on this earth will dream our dreams until the day we die, and not do anything about them. Maybe we can’t “find the time”. Perhaps we are “too busy” with school or work to pursue the thing we are yearning for. All the while, our dreams sit on the highest shelf of our psyche, collecting dust until we can’t see it anymore. Out of reach and out of site, all because we were too occupied with other things.

Well, the first question I have for you is this; What are you truly occupied with? Is it something that is meaningful to you? Is it something that you can comfortably say is worth your time? I can imagine a few of us wouldn’t put our Facebook or Television time on the list of meaningful things we wish to be remembered for… Perhaps we need to evaluate our day to day life and ask this question: “How can my dream fit into this picture?”. Whether it’s replacing things, or sneaking it in little fragments, how can you begin taking the steps you need to achieve you want? To become a better songwriter? Become a business owner? The master chef? It is possible to make time and make arrangements to pursue your dreams, but it does come at a price. And that price is mere willingness to give a little more. To develop a little grit.

I believe some people have a natural inclination to grit from childhood (good for them, huh?), and others have to learn it on their own when they’re of the age when they see the true value in their dreams. No matter where you are at, it is absolutely something you will need to partake of in order to do anything of worth or interest on this planet. Nothing worth anything is free, and certainly nothing worth anyone else’s time is easy. So it is time to count the cost. Work hard, and sacrifice, and put in the elbow grease, or remain stagnant and just keep waiting on the “free time” to show up on your doorstep. If you choose the latter, I can almost guarantee disappointment will set in, and you’ll have wished you learned sooner how sacrifice for your dreams and it will be too late.

Luckily for us all, grit is never out of reach. It can be practiced in the most simple of circumstances and the most challenging. Choosing a carrot over the candy bar — that is grit. Writing a chapter for your novel instead of reality TV — that is grit. Choosing the tools in the garage when the couch is right in front of you — that is grit.

Now, stop reading this blog and make a plan of how you will accomplish your dreams. This is your chance.

This is Grit.

Alex Sugg
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