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How has the year gone by so fast? December is approaching and if you are like me you’ll be wondering how you are going to fit in everything that you want to do and achieve, before 2019 comes around.

Here are the 5 things I think you need to do to finish the year strongly:

1- Start noting what you have achieved this year

For example, I got to move to a new city I love, publish my first (short) fiction book, develop my business and meet lots of interesting new people.

Your list doesn’t have to be shared with anyone but it is important to take stock and realize how far you have come- before the New Year starts and you are sucked back into the day-to-day of being busy. …

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First, I want to wish you a very Happy New Year!

I hope that 2017 has been a good one for you both personally and professionally.

My ten professional highlights of 2017 have been:

- Living and working in 5 countries this year- Portugal, The Czech Republic, Hungary and India as well as the UK. Also encouraging others to try this lifestyle. Having amazing experiences like this and this

- Publishing my first ever article to go viral online- this one

- Speaking about influence at the British Embassies in Lisbon and Budapest and a university in India.

- Celebrating Year 1 of my business and Year 1 of my first…

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Do you want to have a fulfilling career but also get out and see the world?

Do you yearn for some adventure?

Do you feel more creative when you get to have new experiences, meet new people and wake up in new and exciting places?

Do you feel that you could do your current job without being physically present at work, or is there an opportunity online that you think could make you some money?

Maybe the life of a digital nomad is for you.

A digital nomad is a person who can work anywhere that they can access the internet. In the past couple of years my wife and I have lived in Spain, Germany, Portugal, The Czech Republic and Hungary.

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I am very excited to share with you that I’m a finalist in an entrepreneur competition.

Fifteen of us are competing for three grants.

To vote for me, please look at the list here and click on ‘Alex Swallow- The Influence Expert’.

There is a full explanation of what I would do with the money if I won on the competition page.

Essentially, I want to buy some equipment to help me make better online courses. It will be a huge step forward for my business. My business helps people to grow their influence so that they can have a bigger impact on the world. …

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Are you on the path towards your perfect day?

Do you even know what your perfect day would look like?

I have an exercise that can help.

What I want you to think about is a working day that would make you feel fulfilled, happy and enable you to feel that you were contributing your gifts to the world.

There is no ‘right answer’ to this.


For it to work, you need to think as specific as possible.

Ask yourself:

Where you would wake up

It really can be anywhere, including a desert island or a teeming metropolis.

What you would have for…

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During my time on LinkedIn I have seen people making lots of mistakes on the platform.

I’m going to outline 5 of the most common problems:

1- Terrible profile picture

Like the one at the top of this article, or maybe this one:

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Do you know that LinkedIn is a powerful platform for you to share content?

I recently wrote my 100th article- read this article to find out more.

In it, I explain:

  • What I learned from writing so many articles
  • Who are other people whose articles I think you will learn from on LinkedIn?
  • Which were my most viewed articles? Number 1 had more than 10,000 views
  • What are the main categories that my articles fall into?
  • Why is it worth your time to write LinkedIn articles?

Please feel free to add your own LinkedIn posts under the article if you’d like to share them with a wider audience! …

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I recently saw this brilliant video by The School Of Life (all of their work is worth checking out) and it got me thinking about this topic.

More accurately, the video helped me to make sense of a few things that have been sloshing around my brain ever since I set up my own business and particularly once I started focusing on The Influence Expert.

As I have come from the charity sector the idea of selflessness and trying to do the best for others is a particularly important concept. …

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I’m very happy to share with you that my first ever online course is up!

Called ‘How To Network’ it will help you be a better and more confident networker. It covers topics like:

  • How to have a networking plan
  • How to network effectively at events, using my own ‘3 P’S’ Method
  • How to be memorable
  • How to help others network

Because this is my first online course, in celebration I have made it absolutely free to use! I may change that in the future so please sign up now if you are interested. …

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What can you do to add value to other people?

I think figuring out the answer to that question should be your life’s mission.

I believe it will lead to a freer, more just and more happy world.

In your job, how have you been adding value to other people? Do you feel like you are, or is there more that you can do?

Adding value isn’t just about your career of course, it is about your whole life. Value here doesn’t automatically mean money- although of course it could if that is the way you help people. You add value into the world through every relationship you have- every friend you help, every stranger you care about, every family member you support, every child you bring up, every time you care about anyone else. …


Alexander Swallow

The Influence Expert @influenceexpert, Owner @SocialGoodSix, Founder @YoungTrustees, Supporter @GoodNews_Shared, #DigitalNomad — 1/2 of @anomadcouple

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