Writing 100 Articles On LinkedIn

Alexander Swallow
May 10, 2017 · 1 min read

Do you know that LinkedIn is a powerful platform for you to share content?

I recently wrote my 100th article- read this article to find out more.

In it, I explain:

  • What I learned from writing so many articles
  • Who are other people whose articles I think you will learn from on LinkedIn?
  • Which were my most viewed articles? Number 1 had more than 10,000 views
  • What are the main categories that my articles fall into?
  • Why is it worth your time to write LinkedIn articles?

Please feel free to add your own LinkedIn posts under the article if you’d like to share them with a wider audience!

Alex Swallow is The Influence Expert and author of ‘How To Become An Influencer’. A free copy of the book and many tips about growing your influence can be found at www.theinfluenceexpert.com. You can join his online course, ‘How To Network’ free here. He is also the Owner of the social good interview series, Social Good Six, you can access all the interviews here.

Alexander Swallow

Written by

The Influence Expert @influenceexpert, Owner @SocialGoodSix, Founder @YoungTrustees, Supporter @GoodNews_Shared, #DigitalNomad — 1/2 of @anomadcouple

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