KLAS is Missing Vital Criteria in Vendor Assessment

KLAS, founded in 1996 was and still is a driving force and leader in regard to EHR vendor companies. KLAS focuses on the creation of a mission-centric culture of transparency and accuracy in the development and usability of electronic medical record technologies that enabled physicians to reform health care IT landscape from paper to digital. However, even with their very valuable and often vital criteria, they’re missing one aspect of the equation: the patients.

Patients should always be considered an integral part of any advancements in healthcare technologies. After all, they’re the ones who are affected by a physician’s use of such technology. There is no doubt that KLAS is invaluable when it comes to health IT; their models utilize feedback provided by healthcare professionals in regard to their own IT usage and solutions capabilities, and in their ability to compile and analyze quality checks. This feedback also applies to the amalgamation of research and in analyzing data that focuses on identification of evolving trends, as well as sharing their research and data with healthcare organizations, not to mention their work with vendor developers to help improve user experience. Continue reading here