Solange — A Seat at the Table Album Review

A Seat at the Table is a contender for album of the year.

The world knows who Beyoncé is, but wow, we should’ve been paying more attention to her sister. Solange’s latest release, A Seat at the Table, is riveting, beautiful, infectious, and everything else that makes an album great, all in one. The songs on A Seat at the Table are so artfully crafted that they sound like rhythms and melodies that have been in your head for years. That is not to say that they sound old or overused, however, but natural. The whole album feels like this. Natural. The songs start softly and later pick up, as Solange’s voice glides effortlessly over the accompaniment, creating an altogether ambience that is both calming and exciting. The interludes, generously sprinkled throughout the course of the album, add to the mood of the piece. The few features are all there for a reason.

There is no debate here really. A Seat at the Table is a sure contender for album of the year. Everything is pulled off so flawlessly that it’s amazing that this is the first time most of us are hearing of Solange. But if this is any indicator, then she’s got lots of glory ahead of her. The only thing left in her way is her sister.

Even the visuals for the album’s tracks are works of art. No aspect of the project wasn’t looked at to the utmost detail.

Grade: A+

Best Songs: Cranes in the Sky, Mad, Don’t You Wait

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