Press Release: Graduate Students Speak- How Life at Boston University Changed Them


July 22, 2015

BOSTON- Radio hosts Alex Burns and Jared Nussbaum have interviewed two graduate students at Boston University who revealed the truth about how they feel towards their school.

Both women, one studying PT and the other getting a Ph.D in American and New England studies, spoke about how life at BU has affected them for the better.

“I feel like everyone in my class is super smart, so I feel like I learn a lot,” says Laura, who is studying PT.

“You start to feel a little bit more anonymous in such a big place. I feel like a have a more intimate school setting,” says Amy, who is studying American and New England studies and previously went to Skidmore College in New York. Skidmore “is much different than BU,” Amy says.

Overall, both students are proud of their decision to go to BU, and have lots of pride in their environment as well as recognition of how BU has changed them as people. All of this and more will be broadcasted in tonight’s radio show, and the full story is on the hosts’ Medium pages.

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