Bastille — Wild World Album Review

With Wild World, Bastille leaves the past behind and moves full-steam ahead into the pop frontier.

After the worldwide success of their single Pompeii and the release of the overwhelmingly mediocre Bad Blood a few years ago, it was unclear what the future had in store for Bastille. But in 2016 they’ve returned, guns blazing, with Wild World, an incredibly strong album from a band whose first major-label release was so shaky. With their sophomore effort, Bastille ditches the wannabe-edgy alternative rock that characterized the sound of their first record and has gone full-blown pop, a choice that couldn’t have been better.

Wild World’s sprawling length is shockingly not a weakness, as Bastille pumps through movie samples and catchy choruses, delivering hit after hit. A few weaker tracks exist on the album, such as the repetitive An Act of Kindness or the dragging Two Evils, but these slights are easy to ignore when compared with the catchiness of Good Grief or the enchantment of Fake It. Meaningful lyrics and quotable moments render Wild World a well-rounded, solid piece of work, hopefully a signal of an upward trend.

Grade: B+

Best Songs: Good Grief, The Currents, Send Them Off!, Fake It, Snakes

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