G7 Summit st Ives – Cornwall

Mission is to assist fire arms teams and counter terroism police from multiple forces (Devon and Cornwall, London MET and Northern Ireland) in collection of data to assist in the security planning in run up to the G7 summit being held at the carbis bay hotel st Ives and tregenna castle.

This is the google data from the carbis bay hotel. There is the hotel plus 8 luxury beachfront apartments (£3500 per night)

Grandma Harvey singing for the grandkids during lockdown this link will give you the constantly updated playlist on YouTube


the above video is the playlist link

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Grandma poem that Grandpa Astrop used to sing – dog wash

Added Wednesday 10th feb 2021

VR photo realistic, Firefighter high rise procedure trainer

RiVR has been working on lots of different projects after completing the development of RiVR Investigate part 1 — Fire Investigation. We have a lot of the team working on 360 video productions for different brands all over the world but the room scale project that I have been working on is the ‘VR High rise procedure trainer’ and we are going to be having a working demo to show at the High Rise Firefighting Conference in London in May 2020 at the Excel London.

A letter from my Grandpa

This was written by Arthur Astrop about his life. I’m Alex Harvey one of his grand children.

When I was young I was always very very busy, with all sorts of interesting and exciting things to do. Just like you right now, in fact! As a result, there was plenty of time to ask questions of my parents, my aunts and uncles, and my grandparents, who would all be around for a very long time yet.

Such questions as ‘Where were you born? Where did you go to school? What subjects were you good at…

The future of forensic fire and police investigation training is now within easier financial reach of cash-strapped emergency service budgets — thanks to a ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) software that provides photo-realistic, three-dimensional VR environments which could save the taxpayer millions of pounds.

Warwickshire-based RiVR (Reality in Virtual Reality) has developed a ‘ready player one-style’ totally-immersive programme which scans any real-world scene using lasers and high-definition photography (photogrammetry) and displays it as a 360° interactive environment, via a VR room scale headset.

I have been filming weddings since I was about 20 years old, so at the time of writing this I have had nearly 20 years of experience in capturing memories that will last forever!

I have seen the tech landscape evolve from Mini DV cameras all the way through to the drones and high end 360 cameras, which we use today for our ever expanding video roster.

I am going to use this space to store a link to all the wedding videos I have created and hopefully make it easier for me to add the new videos as I create them. I only commit to a maximum of 10 videos per year so that I don’t spread myself too thin across the year as I am also running two companies www.infinitepixel.co.uk and www.rivr.uk

RiVR and Invited guests from some of Coventry and Warwickshire’s leading employers attended an exclusive interactive event demonstrating how technology can work side by side with employees to take businesses to the next level.

Following successful demonstrations of the RiVR Virtual Reality platform at the UK Emergency Services Show in September, BBC Click requested RiVR to be featured in a ‘special programme’ highlighting the way in which innovation is changing the landscape and opportunities within the blue light services and in particular Fire and Rescue.

During the last three weeks BBC Click have attended two specific locations where the RiVR innovation team have been working alongside industry professionals experiencing RiVR photo realistic interactive virtual reality training scenarios. These were specifically created with predetermined training and development outcomes.

The first location visit was to the…

I’ve been filming my life since the late 1990’s on various different cameras here’s some of the earliest cameras that helped me capture everything I felt I needed to…

I am going to use this story to document all the links to all the Harvey family videos so they will all be in one location for generations to come. I’ve felt the need to do this as there continues to be more and more holiday videos created.

For the video above I was shooting on a SONY handy cam which was using MINI DV tapes, I used to have…

Alex Harvey

Past, current and future stories from my world of video production drones and virtual reality.

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