The True Backstory of Santa Claus

Santa Claus has been around for a relatively short time in our history. It was around the 1860's that Santa Claus, as his name was used in popular culture and by the 1920's he was in the minds of all children.

What you don’t know is Santa is a demon. You see he, and his brother Krampus, have always been at odds with eachother? Why? Because they were made with the hunger to eat children but Santa never could bring himself to kill these wonderful tiny humans. So instead he made them immortal and ageless. Over time they became known incorrectly as elves.

Santa has rows and rows of teeth in his mouth, which extends from the bottom of one ear to the other. After an argument over who was going to keep these five children who wandered off into the forest Santa bit off his own tail and beat Krampus unconscience with it. He then gathered up the children and brought them to a cabin on an island in the middle of the ocean — hiding from his brother Krampus. It was then that he sowed his mouth almost shut, to look more human and he grew a beard to hide the disfigured scars.

Since he had done the sowing himself he was given a permanent smile, a contanst grin that made his cheeks stand out and his eyes always look smiling.

Deep in his heart he loved these children, and even when he told them all they could leave any time they all stayed. Because despite the fact that Santa is a demon, his soul has remained pure.

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