tldr; Green founders come up with ever more green goods and services. We’re not on track to stop climate change in time. Instead of increasing green supply, let’s use our brains to increase public pressure and change policy. Then, markets will solve the climate quickly. We have some ideas…

Can startups save the planet?

Thanks to ambitious founders, courageous companies and investors who plan ahead, the supply of climate-friendly products and services is growing fast. Activists and NGOs raise awareness and Project Drawdown documented in detail what actions are necessary to stop the climate crisis. So why is the problem not going away? …

A comprehensive study published in July 2020 shows that without drastic action Earth will be 2.6°C to 3.9°C hotter in 2100 than it was before we started to burn fossil fuels at massive scale. This article gives you an overview on climate goals and what exactly is necessary to reach them.

In the following “1.5C” and “2C” refer to heating of Earth’s surface by 1.5°C and 2°C compared to the time before the industrial revolution.

1.5C is now impossible

Necessary reductions for 1.5C, Robbie Andrew

Had we started reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 4% per year in 2000, Earth would probably only heat up by 1.5C until 2100.


Ever wanted to quickly get an overview on the climate crisis? Let’s dive right in! For starters, we’d like to recommend to you four trustworthy, influential articles that look into past, present and future with the forth article providing a sound list of the most promising actions humanity can take.

Past: Losing Earth by Nathaniel Rich, New York Times, 2018

The impact of fossil fuel on the climate was discovered in the 50s. It will come as an agonizing revelation to many readers to understand how thoroughly the problem was grasped and how the crisis was almost avoided in the 70s and 80s.

tldr; Calls to change individual behavior distract from what’s necessary. Our planet will become largely uninhabitable unless we quickly move the political mainstream to enforcing immediate, impactful action. Assessing the efficiency of existing and new initiatives in a crowd-sourced, data-driven way allows to efficiently funnel resources (time & money) to give us a fighting chance.

Context: The Scientific Consensus

Source: UN Emissions Gap Report 2017, page 39

We’re at a crossroads:

  1. We swiftly & drastically cut emissions to buy…

This article explains how you can easily help further free speech.

Can Aura boost free speech?

To varying extents, censorship and internet surveillance happen everywhere.

Over the last year, I developed Aura to allow citizens to express themselves without being shut down by authorities (find out everything at

With Aura you share ideas anonymously with nearby people. It works person-to-person: no SIM card, no internet, no blocking, no traces with your phone operator.

The application is now usable but I need your help to test if it works!

Why is Aura safe?

Wow, it’s time. On Monday it was my first day in my new job at Wunder. What an exciting, intense and fun week so far. And today is my first “official” full day of working in Aura.

Ahead lie weeks and months of reaching out to activists to grow a small user base and find out first hand how impactful Aura turns out to be. I flip between awe and excitement. The joy of finally having time to get my hands dirty!

I decided to quit StyleLounge after more than six thousand hours of talking and coding. Three years of working with inspiring people, driving change, making processes scalable and architecting a beautiful reactive microservices application are over now.

Why now? After they just received €30M in Series-B funding, I will be joining Wunder in September to help scale their tech team from 30 engineers to a much bigger number over the next months.

Wunder Mobility FTW

Why now? I will be working part-time at Wunder! I’ll have 1–2 days per week to put into Aura! That means Aura now moves from after-work to being something much more serious. Full days every day. As before, some weekends, too.

I’m really actually doing this. Whoop Whoop 😜

I took a week off to dive into the world of (online) media. I watched that world for many years to see islands emerge and perish, scores of ideas setting sail to be submerged again and harmless scuttlebutt grow into a power that unleashed shit storms but also fuels campaigns that fight to keep fundamental freedoms afloat among the rising tides of state control and intervention into the net sphere.

Now it was time to engage citizens of planet online media.

Waiting in line, the size of re:publica surprised me. Considering its progressive, inclusive stance that’s good news for my…

Alexander Thiel

Motivating people with a strong vision for processes/tech · Scaling Tech at Wunder Mobility · Looking for ways to stop climate change. ️Talks:

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